Wine Event

Let's Get Together

Whether you are looking for the perfect activity for a team off-site, a happy hour, your partner's birthday, or your best friend's bridal shower, let's come up with the perfect plan together!

A few options to get your juices flowing:

wine + food paired meal

Allow me to design a wine and food paired menu to suit your celebration. I can team up with a local chef to handle the cooking, or I can simply find the perfect pairings for your home cooked favorites. One thing's certain though - we'll have a blast enjoying some unconventional pairings.

foodie focus

Learn the basic principle of wine and food pairing. Let’s go beyond white with fish and red with meat. Learn what pairs with Burmese food or sushi, and figure out which “rules” to break and when. Learn that rules are really just tools to get creative and fall in love with new experiences.

wine regions

Deep dive into a particular region or country. Learn the native grape varieties, cuisine, and culture surrounding wine. Discover small producers making sustainably produced wines that represent a “sense of place.”

great grapes

Focus on one grape variety and the different ways it can be expressed by different countries. Highlight small producers all over the world that focus on the same grape variety and see how their climate, culture, and traditions shape the way that grape expresses itself in the bottle.

hometown heroes

Truly “taste like a local” and learn about the best Bay Area wine makers. Learn their story - what inspires them, who they look up to, and all about their incredible wines. If we're lucky, we might even get one or two winemakers to join us!

back to basics

Focus on the basics of a style of wine - how it made, what are the different options, what’s the best way to enjoy it. Possible topics: Basics of Bubbly, Figuring out Fortified, Covering Classifications (What’s the deal with organic, biodynamic, or natural wines)

* Logistics *

Let me know the number of people, date, and type of event you are interested in hosting and we can work together to create an appropriate budget.


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