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Ravines Dry Riesling

While my heart will always belong to California’s coastline, there’s an undeniable pull to make the drive up to Tahoe for the season’s first snowfall. We may have temperate weather all year long in San Francisco, but up in the mountains you can finally experience the energizing crisp alpine air on your face, the shockingly cold snowfall in your hands, and enjoy the revitalizing aromas of pine trees all around.

And it’s that sensation of energy and revitalization that are captured in this refreshing and pure Riesling from the Finger Lakes region of New York (yes you read that right - New York). With flavors of vibrant green apple, just-ripe D’anjou pear, freshly squeezed lime, complemented by aromas of citrus blossoms, and a racy minerality, this wine would pair perfectly with your weekend in the mountains

Domaine de la Sazinière Chardonnay

If summer is the time to leave routines behind and embrace new adventures, then autumn is a welcome transition back into the comfort of tradition, familiarity, and family. As the leaves change color from grassy greens to pumpkin orange and pomegranate red, children head back to school, adults settle back into work for the final quarter of the year, and families come together to celebrate everything from the return of football season to Halloween, and of course, the ultimate family gathering, Thanksgiving.

Mirroring our return to routine and tradition in the fall is this selection of a traditional grape from a traditional region. This is a beautiful Chardonnay from the Macon region of France that I’m so excited to share with you. Located in the south of Burgundy, this region is experiencing a well-deserved resurgence thanks to a number of young producers’ dedication to traditional farming and winemaking practices, organic farming, and unwavering quest for exceptional quality.

This Chardonnay from Domaine de la Sarazinière, with its flavors of Fuji apple, Meyer lemon, and subtle savory notes of fennel, and a breathtaking perfume of white blossoms, hazelnut, and clove, all topped off with a lingering mineral finish, practically begs you to come back for more. It’s a deliciously sophisticated wine from an underrated region that’s delightful on its own, but would pair perfectly with

Cascina fontana Langhe Nebbiolo  

One of the things I love about traveling is that it’s often the simplest meals that form the strongest memories. The roast chicken from a farmer’s market in France, enjoyed with your feet dangling over the Seine; street tacos in Baja, washed down with a cold beer and cloudless view of the ocean; or one of my all-time favorites: long afternoons in Italy, where a charcuterie platter and a group of friends are all you need for the perfect meal.

So my suggestion is this, let’s pick a Sunday afternoon this fall and pretend we’re back on vacation - back on that veranda in Italy, where time doesn’t matter. All that matters is that we have a spread of salty cheeses and charcuterie, good company, and this stunning bottle of Nebbiolo.

Expect aromas of cherry, roses, and tobacco and a refreshing brightness from the lively acidity. And I love how salty foods like cheese and charcuteries balance out the subtle grip of the tannins in this wine - inviting you to spend the evening dancing back and forth between bites and sips until either the bottle or the cheese is all gone.

Olga Raffault Cabernet franc

There are few places more enchanting and soothing for the soul than beneath the old growth redwoods of Muir Woods. These breathtaking pillars of time, with their roots bathing in the Redwood Creek and their crowns reaching towards the alternating fog and sun, demand that you slow down for just a moment and simply take it all in - much like the first sip of a beautiful bottle of wine.
It’s a rustic sort of comfort - a blanket of leaves to cushion your feet, the coolness of autumn air to keep you refreshed, and the perfume of nature in all its wild splendor.

This classic Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley is arguably the best representation of this grape and region you can find, and you’ll love the way it mirrors the rustic beauty of our wooded treasure across the Golden Gate bridge. With savory, earthy flavors, like black olive and roasted red pepper, balanced by dark cherry and a bright herbaceous quality that keeps you coming back for more, it’s the perfect wine for a picnic in the woods or a cozy evening by the fireplace with a comforting meal.

Raft Wines Grist Vineyard Syrah

When Karl the fog finally begins to let up and we get those magical warm days and nights in the fall, it’s the perfect opportunity to buy a luxurious cut of steak, open a beautiful bottle of red, and settle in for the perfect evening.

While Cabernet Sauvignon and steak seem to be the classic California pairing, I prefer to reach for a peppery Syrah with just-ripe enough black fruit, Mediterranean dried herbs, and hints of violet and lavender on the finish. This Syrah from Raft is classic and refreshing in its expression, yet simultaneously undeniably Californian in its generosity and warmth.

fine Disregard Mataro

No matter what your Thanksgiving family traditions are - candied yams or roasted root vegetables, lunchtime feast or evening soiree - there’s an aspect of teamwork and collaboration that makes this holiday so unique. If all twenty side dishes are meant to make it to the table at the same time as the bird, then everyone from your ten-year-old niece to grandma is going to have a role. And that’s the beauty of it. When we all gather together in the kitchen, Thanksgiving becomes a day full of warmth and laughter, support and love - a day to leave your criticisms and judgments at the door. And it’s that very feeling of convivial energy cooked up in the kitchen that pairs perfectly with our Mataro from Fine Disregard.