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Ghostwriter Chardonnay

There’s the Hollywood version of our California coast, and then there’s the real California coast. The coastline I know is foggy and wild. The geography is unpredictable and it smells of sea spray and neighboring forests. It’s complex, sophisticated, and never ceases to impress me.

This wine is the real California coast. It’s not dumbed down or oversimplified to appeal to the masses like those buttery, oaky Chardonnays you’ve tasted before. It’s cool climate Santa Cruz mountains done right - smooth at first and then increasingly lively and mineral with the evolution of each sip. Every taste offers complexity - preserved lemon, spearmint, fennel, almond, and that salty, earthy finish that I love so much. It’s a wine you could ponder, but that’s not what I recommend. As always, I say pop that cork, set the table, and settle in for a delicious evening.

Domaine Binner Sylvaner

It’s a classic Tahoe experience. You spend Friday morning frantically packing the car so you can beat the traffic, which you don’t. You drive north for what feels like an eternity, only to arrive at your cabin long after dinner time. Everyone piles into bed exhausted you swear you’ll leave earlier next time...

But then you wake up to that glorious view - fresh snow covering the ground, the sun peeking through the towering pine trees, and the purest air imaginable to awaken your senses as you step outside to welcome the day. Well, you can skip the lift lines and tire chains because that’s the very same feeling you’ll get with just one sip of this pure and pretty Sylvaner.

Savage Grace Cabernet Sauvignon  

Just like with your childhood best friend, your relationship with Cabernet Sauvignon may have fluctuated over the years. There have probably been great years of joy, and perhaps a few disappointments, but it’s time to forget those disagreeable and flashy “California Cabs” of the 90s and early 2000s. Let me introduce you to this perfectly nuanced style from Washington with vibrant red fruit flavors, like cassis, mulberries, and raspberries, married with a dusty earthiness and velvety smooth tannins. With no hard edges or flashy additions, it feels both timeless and aged in all the right ways.

Claire Hill Mourvedre

Perhaps it’s a bit childish, but I love the holidays. It’s not the “pumpkin spice latte” or “ugly Christmas sweater” side of it all that widens my smile, it’s the sight of Christmas lights in the windows, the scent of pine trees and warm apple cider, and the warmth of a crackling fire keeping you toasty well into the night.

It’s all so deliciously comforting, but also lively. There’s an energy about the holidays that challenges the grumpiest of scrooges into joining the fun. And it’s that very spirit of comfort and cheer that’s captured in this delicious bottle of Mourvedre, made by one of my dear friends, Claire Hill. If there was a wine that could embody a chorus of carolers, this would be it. It’s a lighter style Mourvedre, with a smooth texture and fine tannins, and a beautiful bouquet of cherry, plum, spices, and bramble on the palate.

Akutain Gran Reserva

With a bouquet of ripe black cherries and plums, 5-spice, and tobacco, and a seductive velvety texture that can only come with age, it’s the perfect pairing for your Christmas gathering, New Years celebration, or romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for two.

This 2004 Gran Reserva from the Rioja region of Spain is a blend of mostly Tempranillo with some Garnacha, and this particular cuvée is only produced when the stars align and the family has determined it to be a truly exceptional vintage. Managed by the Akutain family from bud to bottle, the Gran Reserva is aged in American oak (as is the tradition for the region) for 3 years, followed by another 2 years in bottle, all before being released to the market. What can I say except that this wine is a true labor of love.

Domaine Serol Turbullent

Sparkling wines don’t get the credit they deserve.

They're delicious, diverse, and downright perfect for pairing, but most folks only drink them on rare occasions - which is a real shame!

While sparkling wines are certainly a welcome guest during the cocktail hour of an evening, they’re also delicious with food. This juicy sparkling Gamay from the Loire Valley in France is bursting with ripe strawberries and cherries, balanced with satisfyingly tart lemon, all wrapped up with a luxurious creamy texture on the finish. It’s just slightly sweet, so it’s perfect for pairing with desserts or dishes with a hint of sweetness. And don’t worry if you find yourself downing a glass rather than sipping it slowly - it’s perfectly natural when something is so darn delicious!