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Precedent Old Vine White

It’s a classic San Francisco experience - you’re leaning in towards the bone-chilling fog and wind, trying to get down some wind tunnel of a street when you finally round the corner to find…. warm, sunny, bliss. All you did was turn onto a side street, but it’s as if you entered a different city! You find yourself breathing one long sigh of relief - you might even forget where you were rushing off to.

And that’s just how I felt when I tasted this wine. With aromas of fresh-cut grass, white blossoms blooming all around, and the faintest aroma of salty ocean air lingering from the morning fog - it’s a beautiful moment of bliss in a bottle.

Antonelli "Anteprima Tonda"

Are you looking for a bottle to impress your hipster cousin AND your conservative mother-in-law at your next family gathering? Perhaps something to pair with an eclectic Easter buffet complete with the annual spiral cut ham, roasted asparagus, eggs, and well-meaning, but slightly awkward small talk? Well, I have just the thing.

It’s a serious wine that will grab your attention. With complexity, multiple chapters to every sip, and flavors that linger long after you’ve finished the last drop, you’ll think to yourself, what is this!? This orange wine from Italy is weighted, slightly tannic, satisfyingly salty, and it has just the right amount of stone fruit to create a perfectly balanced and integrated treat for your senses.

Janvier Cuvée du Rosier

Dare I say it, I think this wine is sexy. It’s spicy, it’s smoky, and with its sultry floral perfume, it reminds me of an old fashioned Hollywood starlet. Light in body but heavy in complexity and allure - this Brigitte Bardot of wine will certainly captivate your senses.

While it may be a challenge to leave the worries of the day behind when you can see the pile of laundry down the hall or hear your emails buzzing on your phone, I guarantee that after one glass of this flirtatious wine, you’ll feel worlds away from the details of your day. So set the table, light some candles, and get ready for a romantic night in.

Lapierre Morgon

I love this wine.

Why? Because like a chameleon it seems to be perfect for nearly every occasion.

Need a red wine that’s delicious to sip on its own? Need something to pair with a wide range of dishes - like a buffet, or large party at a restaurant? Is it cold and blustery out, or warm and sunny? It doesn’t matter, just open this bottle.

Pop the cork, pour yourself a glass, and expect the perfect combination of sophisticated earthiness balanced by ripe berry fruit and a floral lifted finish. I'll bet that it's the best representation of Beaujolais you'll ever taste.

Melville Estate Syrah

Have you ever been moved to tears by a perfect performance at the symphony? When each musician works with such discipline, mastery, and impeccable technique that the instruments marry together to achieve something seemingly impossible - the perfect piece of art? Elegance, strength, and complexity in their purest forms, without frivolous additions or distractions to make up for any flaws - just like this transcendent Syrah.

It has beauty, power, and a myriad of layers to discover. With an alluring floral perfume that wafts delicately out of your glass, this wine reveals layers of ripe berries, black pepper and a touch of blood-red meat, with a finish that lingers like the final note on the score.

It’s beautiful, it’s captivating, and it’s inspiring how a the pursuit of perfection can lead to something so downright enjoyable.

La Stoppa Macchiona

We may live in a world that values youth above all else, but let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty that can only come with age. Take the redwood trees of Muir Woods for example - would they be so awe-inspiringly beautiful at four feet tall? Sure, they’d have potential, but that’s about it.

The same is true for this rare gem of a wine. A blend of Barbera and Bonarda, it’s aged for three years in large Slavonian oak botti, followed by another two years in bottle, before even being considered for release.

The result? A wine that mirrors the beauty of those mature redwood groves. Earthy, with hints dried leaves, tobacco, and smoke, and with a refreshing brightness, like tart wild blackberries, shining through.