Janvier Coteaux du Loire “Cuvée du Rosier"


Dare I say it, I think this wine is sexy. It’s spicy, it’s smoky, and with its sultry floral perfume, it reminds me of an old fashioned Hollywood starlet. Light in body but heavy in complexity and allure - this Brigitte Bardot of wine will certainly captivate your senses.

It probably goes without saying, but as new parents, Riley and I are having more “date nights in” than out these days. While Liam doesn’t sleep much in general, we can usually count on him to fall asleep around seven o’clock every night, leaving us with the rest of the evening to clear the toys, set the table, and remember what Friday night felt like before our world turned upside down.

I know that for most of us, it’s a challenge to leave the worries of the day behind when you can see the pile of laundry down the hall or hear your emails buzzing on your phone, but I guarantee that after just one glass of this irresistible wine you’ll feel worlds away from the details of your day - and if you’re lucky, ready to settle into your own romantic night in.

I think this wine does well with a slight chill, so pop it in the fridge for a few minutes before serving and consider pairing it with:

~ Pan-seared duck breast with port wine sauce
~ Bon Appetit’s date night pork chop
~ Slow roasted salmon with fennel, citrus, and chiles
~ A tapas platter with smoky eggplant spread
~ Duck carnitas tacos


Curious to learn more?


How does a petite, soft-spoken butcher become the unsung hero of the Jasnières appellation of France? Through years of hard work, focus, and attention to detail.

Despite the fact that Pascal Janvier’s parents owned vineyard land, Pascal never planned on entering the wine business. In fact, he studied for years to become a butcher before making a life-changing decision at the age of thirty to study wine growing in Amboise, France. He focused on the vineyard first - the careful craft of planting and managing the vine - and then he turned to the cellar.



Fast forward to today and Pascal and his wife, Dominique, rent sixty-six different parcels of land which they farm entirely by themselves. The vineyards are situated along one of the tributaries of the Loire Valley, along the River Loir (not to be confused with the River Loire). It is a region known throughout the world - in large part thanks to Pascal - for producing beautifully complex white wines from the Chenin Blanc grape. That said, Jasnières is also home to the lesser-known local red variety, Pineau d’Aunis, that we find in this particular wine in our collection.

The versatile grape - which can also be called Chenin Noir and was apparently a favorite of King Henry III of England - has become increasingly popular with the sommelier crowd in the United States. The wine bears some similarity to Cabernet Franc, with its lowish tannins, bright acidity, red berry fruits, and a fair amount of pepper, but it also has an array of savory notes like dried herbs, forest floor, and a touch of smoked meat. For a lighter body wine, it certainly offers a wide range of complexity! And in a world full of familiar grapes like Chardonnay and Pinot, it’s yet another rare variety that I’m excited for you to discover and enjoy!



Photos of the vineyards and producer are courtesy of Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant.